The facilities are essentially available to members of the Center and others from the area or beyond who wish to take advantage of opportunities for education and socialization that the Center makes available.  Members may find at times that an area or room is not available to them because of scheduled activities by the Center or by persons renting or reserving areas for special events.  It is necessary for the Center to rent portions of its building from time to time in order to help offset the cost of maintaining and operating the facilities.

Because the Board of Directors and the Center staff are all volunteers it has been possible to operate the facility at a moderate level of expense.  This allows us to be very competitive in setting our rental rates.  However anyone visiting the Center who wishes to contribute is welcome to do so with the knowledge that all funds are for the operation and improvement of the Center.

There are several areas that are available to renters periodically for their functions and fund raisers.  There are also organizations that occupy specific portions of the Center on regularly scheduled days of the week.  As a general policy, non-profit organization using the facilities for non-profit purposes may be excused from paying rental.  Also there are permanent renters who may be excused from paying rent because of the nature of their organization or the purpose to which they intend to use the premises.  Your requests for space require an application for use filed with the Center Coordinator or his assistants.

Renters and others utilizing the facilities at the Center will be responsible for returning the facilities in the condition they were in when the rental started.  An additional fee for cleanup will otherwise be assessed to the Renter by the Center.  The Renter will be responsible for any damage done by the Renter or any guests.

By clicking the links under the “Rentals” tab at the main navigation at the top of this page, you will be able to see the suggested rental for the five (5) primary areas or venues that the Center offers for rent.