Board of Directors

There are presently ten members of the Board of Directors of The HHH Foundation.  They serve without compensation and represent the greater East Liverpool area including the he City;  the surrounding Townships; Wellsville, OH; Chester and Newell, WV; and Midland, PA.  The members and offices held are:

President:  Charles B. Lang, Chester, WV (retired banker)

Vice President & Secretary:  Stephen W. Cooper, St. Clair Township (retired Insurance)

Vice President:  Michael A. Parkes, Lisbon, OH   (retired corporate executive)

Treasurer:  William L. Miller, St. Clair Township (CPA)

Director:  William Gray, East Liverpool (retired telecommunications industry & author)

Director:  Linda Henderson, St. Clair Township (retired high school principal; educator)

Director:  James Lewis, St. Clair Township (retired pharmacist)

Director:  Roger Sanford, St. Clair Township (retired banker)

Director: Daniel Wolfe, East Liverpool (CPA)

Recording Secretary:  Donna Gray, East Liverpool – non-Director  (retired educator